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Helen Cripps, 
Photographer &
Wellness Influencer

During the Instagram coaching sessions with Emma I have learnt so much! She is super knowledgable and has helped me get clear on my niche, my audience, my brand pillars and messaging & overall strategy for selling. I have managed to grow my audience by 350 new followers and my engagement has increased a lot. She has also helped me with tactics on collaborating with brands. I’m feeling more confident and clear about what I’m doing in my online business than I was 6 weeks ago! I would highly recommend her :-)


Tamecka Jackson, Founder of Always Trust & Believe

I honestly have no idea where to start! I signed up for this coaching class and had no idea how life changing it would be. Emma was so understanding and she meets you right where you’re at. I never imagined my social media platform and business growth changing drastically in only 6 weeks! My favorite part was the weekly homework, and the accountability emails. I love the fact that I was given weekly challenges and I had to make sure they were complete. It pushed me to a whole new level as an entrepreneur! Emma was able to elevate my ideas and bring them to life. So for me, it was breathtaking to see the increase in my sales and the engagement on my social media platforms! It’s like you have the tools within you and her coaching just teaches you how to use them in the most beneficial way! If you haven’t signed up. Please do! You won’t regret it!! I highly recommend signing up for the coaching class. It’s so worth it!!!


Jay Jiggins, Founder of
Finesse Corporate Wellness

After searching for the right agency for some time, I settled on Musto Media and Marketing and I am so glad I did. Their team go above and beyond and have completely changed the image of our social media presence. They have an in-house videographer and photographer that along with their creative team are able to create wonderful custom content. They post at exactly the right times, they handle all incoming and outgoing messaging and do a great job at increasing our following. They spent a great deal of time really getting to understand my business and who our best client is and would be. They drive the messaging right to the heart of our needs. They also did some updates to our website in a very timely manner. MM&M get the highest recommendation from me and will continue to be the company I work with for any marketing needs. Thank you Musto Media and Marketing for being the best find I have had since opening my company!

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 6.39.18 PM.png

Natalie Levy, Founder of Babes Who Brunch Club

Emma and Branden are a dream team! On a personal level both Emma and Branden are genuinely well-rounded, warm, adventurous, and fun people. They are a genuine pleasure to be around and work with! From a professional standpoint, Musto Marketing is your best bet for your business because of Emma’s experience with marketing, social media trends and best practices, and Branden’s ability to capture your brand through photos and video! If you look at either of their personal pages, you can see that they both have a great eye and aesthetic. And when you visit their business page, you can see how knowledgeable they are. Being a small business owner myself, I know the power of social media marketing. Investing in Musto Marketing will be the best decision you make for your business this year!


Debra Mitchell, Founder of
Twisted Silver

Musto Media and Marketing are true professionals! They have upgraded my marketing game and are completely in sync with my brand. They effectively and authentically represent my brand to the world. Truly. They are artists!


Sam Moise, Founder of
La Parea Wellness

Emma and Branden were very professional from the beginning and I loved working with them. They were able to set up a virtual pop up with me in less than a week and their social media strategy was very impressive. Thank you so much.

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